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Enable all menstruators to experience their periods in harmony with their body and nature 

There are over 355 million menstruating women and girls in India, yet the majority of them still face significant barriers to a comfortable and safe menstrual experience, due to poor access to menstrual products, lack of awareness and persistence of menstrual myths and taboos....

Menstruation is a biological phenomenon experienced by half of the world population. It is time to end the period stigma and provide adequate menstrual solutions that are comfortable, safe, and sustainable. 



Avoiding plastic waste 

Did you know ?

Every month in India, over 1 billion pads are disposed, most of which end up in landfills and water bodies.

A pad  takes up to 800 years to decompose.

Each menstruator who switches to sustainable menstrual products can save up to 125 kg of waste in a lifetime !

Papaya, by offering reusable and biodegradable menstrual products allows you to menstruate  sustainably, without compromising on comfort.



Somewhere in the World, a Girl

Can Benefit from Your Monthly Period.

Through our partnership with Myna Mahila Foundation, Papaya supports menstrual awareness and access to safe menstrual products for adolescent girls in Mumbai slums.



The main reason why menstrual myths and taboos persist today is due to the lack of awareness. 

At Papaya, we believe in the power of education and period positivity.

This is why we are supporting menstrual awareness workshops in Mumbai slums and opening the conversation through our online community. 

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